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Party Bus Rental Tips

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Planning a party is fun but planning transportation for your party requires some awareness !


What size party bus do you really need?

Generally the rule of thumb is to increase your head count by 3 to find the right size party bus .  Given the fact that federal seating size requirements per passenger are not that large it is wise to reserve a party bus that has 3 to 4 more seats than you need. This added extra space will provide a little extra elbow room for your trip.  So if your group size is 23 , consider requesting a 26 or even a 30 passenger party bus if comfort is important to you .  If the ride is not that far from your pick up point, choosing a smaller sized bus will still pull off the job as well.

Does your party bus rental provider excel in Event & Special services?

This area is important considering there are many party bus companies that provide services on weekend evenings to groups of nightlife enthusiasts, but how do they handle weddings or Sweet Sixteen ? Questions to ask are:

  1. Is the agent on the phone seasoned in event planning to handle the logistics on my wedding day?. Chauffeurs will stick to the itinerary on paper but your reservation agent must ensure that all the ” i’s ” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed or else you may have a limousine in front of the brides home when in fact the groomsmen needed to be dropped at the church first.
  2. Will my drivers be properly suited when he arrives? .  Assuming chauffeur dress etiquette is a standard in the limousine industry may offer quite a surprise when everyone in your party is dapper and stunning but your driver pulls up in jeans and a blazer. At LimoRide our chauffeurs are in company uniformed Vests , Suit and Tie .
  3. Will my bus arrive clean ? Party bus rentals occur mostly on the weekends and chances are your party bus is probably going to be on the road with other guests the night before your reservation day. While this scenario is very common in the bus industry it still begs the demand of a rapid clean down and wash so you receive a fresh smelling, sanitized ( yes I said that) clean bus . Generally at the tail end of a night ,chauffeurs usually want to park the bus and get some rest which can leave a bus lingering of Alcohol smell for the next few hours. At LimoRide our drivers are required to do a general clean down post each ride and as an additional fail-over measure we have a full time detail staff which wash, sweep down , windex and prep buses early in the morning .


Who Are you really hiring your Party Bus from.


Did you just leave a deposit with a middle man or the actual operating company?  You would be surprised to learn just how many brokers the party bus and limousine industry are comprised of. While there is nothing wrong with brokerage services you must remain cognizant of the fact that your important details you just explained to the agent will need to be just as diligently translated to the actual operating company and this may lead to communication errors on your day of service.

Dependability and Trust are paramount will remain paramount which means that if you wish to set a time and place to view the bus you are going to rent then the company should have nothing to hide in the process.  We at LimoRide are not brokers or middlemen, we operate all our limos and party buses. Our NJ based showroom in Clifton NJ houses over 10,000 sq ft of limos and party buses that are readily available for your viewing prior to your rental.

Not many services honor walks in’s and site visits, we at LimoRide prefer them and welcome you to come visit our show room .Call ahead to schedule an appointment with one our very friendly event planners .

We are conveniently located at 35 Main Avenue Clifton NJ 07014 .


Murphy s Law , does it apply to you ?

Mechanical failures occur on a daily basis older models as well as brand new party buses.  A preventative maintenance programs and quality control inspections ensure minor issues don’t arise into an inoperable party bus on the day of your service.  However unforeseen circumstances such as a roadside flat may sideline your party bus leaving you with limited transportation options.

Ask for peace of mind

  1. Ask if your party bus provider has substitution options in the event of mechanical failure. If the party bus provider carries a full line, then it’s safe to assume a secondary vehicle will be prepped in time to save your event. At LimoRide we have a full line of buses and are open 24 hours a day with staffed help to make transitioning easier.
  2. Ask if they keep parts on hand. Belts, Tires, Back up alternators a mechanic to assist in the repair process.  You would be surprised to learn that a simple $.050 cent fuse can be the ruin of your day.  How prepared is the coin the repair process.  You would be surprised to learn that a simple $.050 cent fuse can be the ruin of your day.
      How prepared is the company your about to hire?  . We fully stock most bus parts including air compressors and spare tires,
  3. Ask if they are staffed with multiple drivers in the event the primary driver has an emergency or calls our sick on the day of your service.



Our Quality Control?

Like with any planning procedure booking your party bus with us will entail we get accurate information to ensure the most enjoyable time you plan towards is not ruined due to poor quality control standards. We take extreme careful consideration to the many pertinent details during your reservation process. We thoroughly outline with our clients all addresses, dates and times to ensure timely services for your party bus. You will also receive a confirmation reminder email 24 hours prior to your Party Bus arrival. These are just some of the things our clients can expect when they reserve a Party Bus with LimoRide . It’s all about Trust and we are honored to have earned that opportunity today with you .

Quick Quote A Party Bus!

To simply obtain pricing you can speak to us directly (973-662-1116). We’ll have your quote ready for you in a minute.  Just have ready :

  1. Your date of service
  2. Approximate time you would like to be picked up
  3. Pick up address
  4. Where your off to
  5. Final drop off address at the end of your service.

 Get A Quick Quote Now.

Reserving your Party Bus

Before you decide to book your Party Bus rental, get a firm head count on how many passengers you have. This is important because it will gauge the size of the Party Bus you will need. Have a major credit card ready to apply a 30% deposit , call us at 973-662-1116 and speak with one of our agents . When availability is confirmed we can process your reservation and have a confirmation delivered instantly .  We look forward to being part of your event.

Located in Clifton NJ , LimoRide offers Party Bus Rentals in NJ , NYC and PA , our party buses are maintained by our own in house fleet technicians and are inspected every 6 months by NJ BUS DOT Commission. Our preventative maintenance program is second to none and our #1 priority is customer safety and satisfaction.

Our NJ Party Bus Services are also available in NYC and PA , call for more details.

LimoRide has the experience as well as the finest fleet in NJ to ensure that your special event is a success.



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