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Driver must announce at start of each ride when all passengers have boarded.

Hello Everyone My name is (Give Name) and I will be your chauffeur today . I know everyone is excited to get moving along so I kindly ask for everyone’s attention as we will go over a quick safety announcement on this bus.

1. Please note that this bus is equipped with Emergency windows located (Point to each ) , please do not under any circumstance attempt to open or lean your backs against them at any time as they open suddenly .

2. There is also an emergency escape hatch on the ceiling, in the event of emergency simply turn the red knob and push out. Do not attempt to open this and poke your head out for fun, there are low clearances on bridges and overpasses which can be very dangerous and life threatening.

3. Please remain seated while the bus is in motion, in the event that I must apply brake pressure this will prevent you from being thrown forward

4. All handrails and assist railing are to assist you in and out of your seats only , please do not use to hang from or do chin ups, they may break off and potentially cause injury.

5. It is fine to consume alcohol on board however smoking of any kind is prohibited by state and federal laws and is a fire hazard. I will gladly pull aside at the nearest rest stop to allow smoking outside of this vehicles.

6. ( May skip for weddings) If you feel ill please confide in a friend to assist you, to avoid detailing and cleanup fees there are also a couple of bags here in the event you need immediate assistance. If it is safe to do so I will pull over to allow you relief outside of the bus.

7. ( May skip for weddings) This bus is limited to carry the passengers on board today, for the safety of you and your personal belongings please do not invite any strangers who not affiliated with your group to come on board.

We appreciate you chose LimoRide as your choice of transportation, any questions? If No ,

Lets have a blast. !

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