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Are All Limo Services the same ? Not Quite!

  • Who to choose when you choose ? Many times customers rent limousine services from companies with unproven track records or tenure in the limousine industry. At times these decisions can prove costly to consumers . It is always vital to learn a bit about who you are trusting with your safety as well as with your important event. Questions beyond fleet composition are the most important ones a quality and reputable limousine service will never avoid to answer for you. To gauge a quality check on any limousine service, look for the service to see if they are members of the National Limousine Association ( NLA ) these associations carry annual dues and always keep Limousine Operators nationwide on legal limousine laws and new legislation that is affecting the industry on a daily basis. Also check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if any complaints have been filed with the company.BBBAPLUS
  • What limo will really show up at your front door ? This aspect is critical if you need to guarantee the specific limousine you are getting ready to spend your money on is actually the one in the pictures you see online.  Ask your service provider if you can come down and take a look at the limousine/s . You will know instinctively at that point if the person your dealing with is an owner or an independent middle man that is relying on passing the information along to the limousine operator. If you are declined the opportunity to see the limousine before your date of service, then you can rest assure that the operator may not own the limousine or just doesn\’t prefer to make the time to sit with you and discuss the critical aspects of your day. At LimoRide our clients are welcomed to view our inventory 7 days a week in our 10,000 sf indoor facility.
  • When your ready to see before you buy ?   Is the service you are ready to hire available to meet with you and sit down face to face to discuss your event? If so this is a good signal that they are willing participants in your special day. This proactive attitude will clearly carry over to the day of your service and should make your decision to rent a good choice. It is always a good idea to ask where your limousine operator is located or where their limousines are originating from on the day of your service.
  • Where is the service located anyway?  A good question to ask here! When trusting your private information with any service , it is always a good rule of thumb to know the physical operating location of your limo service provider, simply never be at ease with calling only a toll free number, always ask for a local telephone number as well .
  • How are the payment options ? The majority of limousine services will customarily accept a reservation deposit over the telephone to secure the availability of the limousine for your date. It is important to find out how your balance can be paid as well once the service day arrives. Most legitimate operators will accept Credit Cards and Cash on the date of service. Some operators will only request cash . LimoRide gives clients the flexibility to pay via Cash , Credit Card or Check (All check balances are due 1 week prior to service)
  • Why You Should  Hire LimoRide? Because at LimoRide:
  1. We care,
  2. We\’re qualified  – Registered with NJ Dot and USDOT # 1420432
  3. We\’re Active -  member of – NLA - LANJ- BBB ( corporate name to search TopTown Inc)
  4. Were fair – We carry the newest limos at the best rates – We will match any legitimate industry compliant members rate.
  5. We\’re friendly – Service with a smile and we mean it.
  6. Most importantly our chauffeurs are trained and screened for your safety.
Additional Tips To Consider.

  • Do They Drug Test ? After all the merchandise any limousine service is carrying is YOU! . Have you considered who your safety is in the hands of? . All LimoRide chauffeurs are randomly selected in our drug testing program and can randomly be called for drug testing at any given moment.
  • Qualifications: Most States require that all limousine operators carrying over 7 passengers must be certified with a Class C passenger endorsement for up to 14 passengers. These passenger endorsement classification are implemented to aid the driver in maneuvering larger sized vehicles as well as enhanced safety measures. All LimoRide chauffeurs are required to be  minimum Class C Passenger Endorsed.
  • Insurance : The state of NJ mandates a minimum of 1.5 Million liability coverage in order to be qualified & registered to operate a limousine in NJ. LimoRide carries a 1.5 million for all limousines and 5 Million liability for all Party buses.
  • Are they brokers? Just who are you getting ready to do business with is just as important as the product your are about to receive in exchange for your money. Be wary of limousine brokers who offer the best rates or any limousine you need. Chances are they will hang up the phone and poke around the limousine industry until they find your desired vehicle. The major issue that arises from working with a limo broker is that there is no oversight on the limousine you are ready to receive. A broker may not bother to look into the minute details of vehicle maintenance records, who the chauffeur is, if they are licensed or insured to operate . And also keep in mind that every detail you just discussed with a limo broker is going to have to be re-iterated by the broker to the limousine operator. There is a multitude of erroneous conditions that may arise when the he said she said factor deploys. Things such as dates, time of pick up , am and pm errors , vehicle types, pay processing types and routing errors are just to name a few. The best choice to make is stick with a limousine service that owns their own fleet , employs their own chauffeurs and can give you a definitive answer on the spot. LimoRide is a fully owned service and never practices outsourcing your work and if we are fully booked, we will be open and honest and let you know which affiliate we are referring you to.